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16 Bit Dimming

What is 16-bit Dimming?

Most LED pars are equipped with an 8-bit digital dimming processor, resulting in jittery, undesirable dimming. This is due to the 8-bit limitation of only 256 incremental dimming steps.

By comparison, ColorVerse pars are equipped with a superior 16-bit dimming processor, capable of 65,000 incremental dimming steps. 16-bit produces ultra-smooth dimming and cross-fading. The smooth dimming response is comparable to the traditional analog halogen lighting.


Dimming Delay Feature:

We’ve added a dedicated 'Dimming Delay' channel allowing you to set a predetermined fade time. You’ll find this useful for dramatic, time-delayed ‘fade off’,  ‘fade on’ and  ‘cross-fades’.  To use this feature, the fixture must be set to '8 ch' or '9 ch.’ mode depending on the fixture model. See the product manual to verify. 

Using your DMX controller, adjust the value of channel Channel 8 (or Channel 9, depends on model). Value 000 is the fastest (instant) and value 255 is the slowest delay possible (appx 2 minutes). Please note this dimming delay will affect the fade-off, fade-on, and cross-fade between colors. The fixture will raise and lower the LED intensity at the rate determined by the dimming delay channel (ch.8 or 9).  See the example below to create a 5 second delayed fade.

How to create a 5 second, linear dimming delay

Using your controller adjust fixture channels 1, 2, 3, 4, to value 255 (full on). Adjust channel 8 (or 9 depends on model) to value 032. Now turn off channel 1 very quickly (dimmer channel), you will see the colors ‘fade off’ at a very smooth, linear rate of 5 seconds (see chart below). Conversely, turn channel 1 back on very quickly to value 255. You will see the colors ‘fade on’ at the same rate of 5 seconds.  Move faders 2, 3, and 4 up and down randomly and you will see the colors cross-fade at a smooth, linear 5 second delay.

Approx Dimming Delay Times
(fixture ch. 8 or 9, depends on model)

DMX value 000 = 0 seconds
DMX value 032 = 5 seconds
DMX value 064 = 10 seconds
DMX value 096 = 15 seconds
DMX value 128 = 22 seconds
DMX value 255 = 120 seconds



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