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We made it simple...

Developed by ColorVerse®, BluControl™ operating software is the brain of our intelligent lighting fixtures. Extremely powerful with many advanced functions, it’s amazingly easy to use. All ColorVerse stage pars are equipped with BluControl, so learn to navigate the software on any ColorVerse fixture and you’ll instantly be familiar with all our fixtures. See the video below.

Intelligent lighting. Simplified.  

16-bit Dimming
Most LED pars have an 8-bit digital dimming processor which produces inferior dimming and cross-fading (visible jittering). This is due to the limited range of only 256 dimming increments.
ColorVerse has solved that problem with our new 16-bit dimming processor. With 65,000+ incremental dimming steps, BluControl™ produces butter-smooth dimming and crossfades.

In addition to smooth dimming, we’ve added a dedicated ‘Dimming Delay’ channel. You’ll find this feature useful for dramatic, time-delayed ‘fade off’, ‘fade on’ and ‘cross-fades’.  See this page for more details on 16-bit dimming and dimming delay.

The BluControl™ liquid crystal display provides more information and is much easier to read than the 4-digit displays you’ll find on most LED pars. Changes to modes and addresses is a breeze.

Variable Speed Fan Control
The advanced fan circuit offers three options: AUTO (default), LOW and HIGH. The fan velocity can range from silent to high volume cooling. The benefits of this feature are extended fan life, long lamp life and reduced need for regular cleaning, due to dust and smoke debris build up.

High Temperature Protection
This valuable feature included in BluControl™ will ensure the long life of your LED lamps and protect from overheat failure and color degradation. The over-sized heat sink temperature can be monitored in the display “Temp” mode at any time.

Stand Alone Programs
Internal programs allow the fixture to operate completely independent of a controller. Auto Color, Gradual Fade, Audio and Solid Color modes are available.

Color Calibrate
A near infinite colors can be created directly from the fixture with no need for a DMX controller.

A handy "hours of use" timer lets you know how many hours the fixture has operated. This is useful for service and maintenance (fan cleaning, etc).

DMX Controllable Mic Sensitivity
When using the Audio Mode, there is no perfect setting for a fixture's internal microphone sensitivity. BluControl™ allows you to adjust the sensitivity from your controller to get the threshold 'just right' for your audio environment.

Load Defaults
This convenient option recalls the factory defaults in one step.

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