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BigStik DJ by Colorverse LED Stage Lighting
BigStik DJ by Colorverse LED Stage Lighting

The BigStikDJ is a compact linear wash light loaded with an  interlaced array of high-output LED lamps. This array pattern produces excellent color mixing at very close range, or at long distances. 

More than just a DJ light, this fixture is a great choice for band stages, wall-washing, pipe & drape, truss warming, events, and many other versatile lighting applications. The 4-digit LED display allows for easy mode and program changes. This fixture works well with or without a DMX controller and has many built-in, eye-catching effects.

The BigStikDJ has a useful center-mount bracket allowing X-axis and Y-axis rotation for versatile installation options. Many other linear wash lights offer X-axis (end) only.  Its compact profile allows it to be installed just about anywhere.

Interlaced Array vs. Block Array:
The BigStik
DJ uses an interlacing pattern in the layout of the LED lamps producing a smooth color dispersion at short distance, and better color mixing as compared to "block style" grouping found in other linear fixtures.

An excellent value for your LED linear wash needs...
'carry the
BigStik in your LED lighting arsenal'.


BigStik DJ Specifications:


256, 10mm RGB lamps

4 digit LED display for easy mode changes and addressing

Interlaced LED array pattern for smooth color washing
(no blocking)

3, 6, 13 channel mode options

2 mounting options (Center or End) for X-axis and Y-axis rotation (safety cable included)

Quiet fanless operation with extremely low heat operation

Input/output IEC power connectors for daisy-chain
power-link (16 fixtures max.)

Metal DMX input/output connectors

Lux: 1955 @ 1m | 586 @ 3m

LED lifespan 100,000 hours
(to >75% luminous, figures obtained by manf. tests)

Power 120V, 60Hz: | Current: 38W,  .3A operating

AC power: Auto switching 100V-240V 50/60Hz

Weight: 4.8 lbs., 2.2Kg | Size: 42.75 in x 5.5 in

IP20 Ingress protection, indoor use only

DMX control channels:
  Channel 1   MACROS
  Channel 2   RED DIMMER
  Channel 3   GREEN DIMMER
  Channel 4   BLUE DIMMER
  Channel 5   RED MACRO 1
  Channel 6   GREEN MACRO 1
  Channel 7   BLUE MACRO 1
  Channel 8   RED MACRO 2
  Channel 9   GREEN MACRO 2
  Channel 10  BLUE MACRO 2
  Channel 11  RED MACRO 3
  Channel 12  GREEN MACRO 3
  Channel 13  BLUE MACRO 3


Wall wash BigStik DJ by Colorverse LED Stage Lighting

Equipped with Center or End mounting options
for X or Y rotation. The center mount handle offers
many options  for angled mounting


The BigStik DJ can control colors into 3 separate segments. The photo below is (3) fixtures mounted to the truss.



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