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We made it simple... the RoadDog Tour162 is equipped with BluControl™ operating software. All ColorVerse pars feature this powerful software, so learn to navigate the RoadDog Tour162 and you’ll instantly be familiar with all ColorVerse pars. Click here to watch a video about BluControl™. It’s amazingly easy to use.

The RoadDog Tour™162 combines rugged workhorse performance with high-efficiency optics to form the perfect professional-class LED stage par. Designed to endure the rigors of mobile lighting applications, its is loaded with 54 high-output, 3-watt LED lamps (Red, Green, Blue, Amber) for a total of 162 watts producing an incredible 32,000 Lux!

lts ultra-smooth 16-bit dimming and flicker-free operation make this perfect for large arenas, houses of worship, theaters, nightclubs, and architectural lighting.

Why Amber?
Amber is a rich, golden color that cannot be adequately produced by RGB fixtures. Adding Amber as a 4th color offers the ability to produce a much wider gamut of ‘hard to create’ colors. It also helps creates warmer whites than a typical RGB fixture.

What is 16-bit Dimming?
Most LED pars are equipped with an 8-bit digital dimming processor, resulting in jittery, undesirable dimming. This is due to the 8-bit limitation of only 256 incremental dimming steps.

By comparison, ColorVerse pars are equipped with a superior 16-bit dimming processor, capable of 65,000 incremental dimming steps. 16-bit produces ultra-smooth dimming and cross-fading. Click here for more information about this fantastic pro-level feature.

Loaded with BluControl Operating Software!

RoadDog Tour™162 Specifications:



High-output 54 x 3-watt LEDs, 162 watts total
(red, Green, Blue, Amber)

BluControl™ Operating Software:

Ultra smooth 16-bit dimming / crossfading

Variable speed fan control for extra long fan-life and near silent operation

LCD display panel for easy address and mode changes

High-temperature protection circuit, to extend lamp life (with F° temp display)

4, 6, or 9 DMX channel mode options

DMX controllable mic sensitivity

Hours-of-use timer

Global calibration of red, green, blue, and amber

Video friendly scan rate

Locking Input/output power connectors for daisy-chain power link (6 fixtures max. 8 amps max.)

DMX microphone sensitivity control

Metal DMX input/output connectors

Optional barn doors kit

Dual-yoke handle doubles as a floor stand
for uplighting

LED lifespan 100,000 hours (to >75% luminous, figures obtained by manf. tests)

Medium beam angle: 25° (Opt. 15°, 45°)

Field angle: 42°

Lux: 32,005 @ 1m | 4410 @ 3m

Power: 120V, 60Hz | Current: 125W, 1.1A operating

AC power: Auto switching 100V-240V 50/60Hz

Weight: 7.4 lbs, Size: 9 in x 8.5 in

IP20 Ingress protection, indoor use only

DMX control channels:
  CH1 - Master dimmer
  CH2 - Red dimmer
  CH3 - Green dimmer
  CH4 - Blue dimmer
  CH5 - Amber dimmer
  CH6 - Strobe
  CH6 - Macros
  CH7 - Macros Speed
  CH9 - Dimming Delay (16-bit)




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