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We made it simple... the ShowPar™24 is equipped with BluControl™ operating software. All ColorVerse pars feature this powerful software, so learn to navigate the ShowPar™24 and you’ll instantly be familiar with all ColorVerse pars. Click here to watch a video about BluControl™. It’s amazingly easy to use.

The ShowPar™24 was developed as our entry-level stage par. But don't be fooled by the low price, this fixture out-performs all other stage pars in its class by a wide margin.
Features include: 24 x 1 watt LEDs producing 5000+ lux, a bright easy-to-read LCD, and a 16-bit ultra-smooth dimming processor just to name a few.

The housings' 'sit-flat' design is perfect for uplighting with power and DMX connectors positioned to allow neat cabling.

BluControl™ allows stand-alone operation with no need for an external controller. The 25° medium-wash beam is comparable to a 300-400 watt halogen par 56. The ShowPar24 is lightweight, compact and durable making it an excellent choice for mobile or permanent applications.

The ShowPar™24 - the best value in LED stage lighting.

What is 16-bit Dimming?
Most LED pars are equipped with an 8-bit digital dimming processor, resulting in jittery, undesirable dimming. This is due to the 8-bit limitation of only 256 incremental dimming steps.

By comparison, ColorVerse pars are equipped with a superior 16-bit dimming processor, capable of 65,000 incremental dimming steps. 16-bit produces ultra-smooth dimming and cross-fading. Click here for more information about this fantastic pro-level feature.


Loaded with BluControl Operating Software!

ShowPar24 Specifications

24 x 1watt, high output RGB LEDs

BluControl™ Operating Software:

Ultra smooth 16-bit dimming / crossfading

LCD display panel for easy address and mode changes

3, 5, or 8 DMX channel mode options

DMX controllable mic sensitivity

Hours-of-use timer

Global calibration of red, green, and blue

Video friendly scan rate

Double Handles allow for floor stand operation

Lightweight compact design

Operate with or without DMX controller

Internal programs: Static Colors, Gradual Change, Auto, Sound activate, Strobe

Beam angle: 25°  | Field angle: 35°

Lux: 5600 @ 1m | 760 @ 3m

LED lifespan 100,000+ hrs  (to >75% luminous output, based on manufacturers test data)

Power / Current: 120V, 60Hz: 46W, .36 A operating

Weight: 2.9lbs (1.4kg)

Size: 4.5in deep, x 8.5in wide
(see drawings in manual)

DMX control channels:
  CH1 - Master dimmer
  CH2 - Red dimmer
  CH3 - Green dimmer
  CH4 - Blue dimmer
  CH5 - Strobe
  CH6 - Macros
  CH7 - Macros Speed
  CH8 - Dimming delay (16-bit)



$249.00 MSRP

Model# SP24


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Perfect for uplighting

The dual-yoke handle folds out of the way and allows the fixture to sit flat on the floor pointing straight up.  Also, the DMX/Power connectors are positioned to allow the cabling to run along the floor neat and out of the way.



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