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What is a Quad LED?

Quad-LED is a relatively new technology and has some advantages over standard RGB LEDs. Sometimes referred to as '4in1' or 'single-source', Quad-LED technology is superior to traditional LEDs. Aside from having a 4th color (white or Amber), the main difference between Quad and traditional RGB lamps is:  RGB lamps are separated on the LED PLATE, containing only a 'one color' lamp under each lens - red, green, blue respectively. When the color lamps are separated on the LED plate, the shadows created by the color beams will be 'multi-colored' meaning you will actually see RGB shadows. For some applications (such as theater) this may be a problem. 

A 36 lens RGB fixture (such as our ColorVibe 108) will typically have 12 Red lamps, 12 Green lamps and 12 Blue lamps (3 x 12 = 36). Again, only one color lamp under each lens.  By comparison, A 36 lens Quad-LED fixture will be equipped with 36 red, 36 Green, 36 Blue and 36 White lamps. Each lens containing all 4 colors. See the photo below of the Quad LED lamp. With our Quad equipped LED pars, each lens contains all 4 RGBW lamps allowing color mixing to take place under the lens. This produces better colors, with no unwanted RGB shadows and superior color mixing.

When choosing between the 2 formats, you will need to decide how important it is to have (or not) RGB shadows. While Quad is  a better format, it is also more expensive.

Example of our RoadDog Quad 192

The disadvantages of Quad-LED fixtures are the cost, its typically more expensive. Or, if you need a very tight beam angle in your fixture (such as 10 - 15 degree), Quad LEDs may not be the best choice. Most Quad LED fixtures will be equipped with wider beam angles of 25 - 30+ degree. A larger lens is needed to house the larger LED chip, and larger lenses usually produce wider beam angles. Whereas non-Quad fixtures can be equipped with much tighter beam angles such as 10-15 degree.


quad led lamp photo  4 in 1 red, green, blue white

Photo of a Quad LED lamp - Red, Blue, Green, White  4 x 2w = 8 watt total output




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